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Our Dilemma: (Article continued from "Creation")

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We remain separated from God by our sins. This life therefore is perplexing to many. Many walk through life with a feeling of deep rooted displeasure, yet they still do not understand why. Some are accomplished educated people who have lived adventurous lives, while others are less accomplished, uneducated and live by humble means. Others still are above, between and below these two degrees.

While we remain separated from God we walk through life with a feeling of deep rooted displeasure because we long to experience something that we cannot bring about ourselves; His forgiveness. Sure many are content with life for a time, but everything in life has a season. Just like happiness and pleasure comes, so will displeasure, pain, bewilderment and dissatisfaction. Just like one is born, one must also die; these are all facts of life.

Man cannot forgive himself for his original and current transgression or sin against God, only God can forgive man. Therefore this life will seem ever so meaningless if reconciliation with God isn’t made; His forgiveness, His love and His peace are the only things that will extinguish the agony of life. Furthermore, all who are not reconciled with God are automatically destined for damnation in hell, which is the place for the enemies of God.

Even at our best we can never be perfect on our own; we are human, we are flawed. If we were to reconcile with God by our good works on earth we would have to be perfect and blameless from the time of birth until the time of death. We were born under the curse of sin and death however, therefore perfect and holy living is not possible on our own.

It is very crucial for us to understand that reconciliation with God (forgiveness) is not a result of anything “we” do alone. It doesn’t matter how “good” we live our lives; it doesn’t matter how well we treat others, or how much we go to church, or how often we give to the poor or even pray. All of those things are good, but concerning the forgiveness of our sins they mean nothing. All of us have fallen short of the Glory of God. Our reconciliation and Salvation is not based upon anything that “we” do.

So then, we have now reached the central question in this article: “If we cannot reconcile ourselves with God how then can we be forgiven and saved from the second death (which is hell)?

Article continued on page 4: "The Savior"

Intro | Creation | Our Dilemma | The Savior | Our Enemy | The Options | A Final Word |

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