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A Final Word: (Article continued from "The Options")

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You cannot have a relationship with someone you don’t know. After you accept Jesus into your heart and life you must get a Bible. The only way you can get to know God is by reading His word. The only way you can grow spiritually is by digesting spiritual food.

Find a church that preaches the full gospel of Jesus Christ, and beware of cults like Jehovah Witnesses and Mormons. If you cannot afford a Bible your local church will happily supply you with one.

Finally friends, remember that Salvation through Jesus Christ is a gift from God and a gift only. Do not trust in anything but God’s promise of Salvation through His beloved Son Jesus. Even if your a Christian already don’t trust in your baptism, don’t trust in your church, or how often you go, don’t trust in how many times you’ve read the Bible, don’t trust in your claim of being a Christian, don’t trust in your donations, don’t trust in your good works, don’t even trust in your prayers, for none of these things guarantee Salvation. Only trust God’s promises in His Word. Do not trust any other thing for the Salvation of your soul, but the precious blood of Jesus Christ. Trust God’s Word and trust His promises. Know that His gift (Jesus) is a gift of love, His Word cannot fail, His Word will never pass away and it will stand supreme forever!

May God bless you richly, may your eyes be opened, may your understanding increase, may your spirit be encouraged and may you accept this message today.


Intro | Creation | Our Dilemma | The Savior | Our Enemy | The Options | A Final Word |

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