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All of us have experienced failure in our lives. Old or young, rich or poor, we have all experienced failure at some point. Why? Simply because we are not (...yet) perfect. If you’re a dedicated Christian, the feeling of failing to obey God’s Word is one of the most sorrowful, painful feelings you could have. The feeling of separation from God to one who seeks to walk in his love each day is absolutely horrible. But this is where we have to STOP, and take caution with our next move! When we feel that we’ve failed God, Satan is right there ready to tell you how big of a failure you are. He is there trying to convince you God doesn’t love you, that your worthless, that you can never be the same in God’s eyes again. Satan is a liar!   Remember he is the biggest screw up in history!  God forgives, and when He forgives He doesn’t hold whatever you did against you.

Now, make a mental note of this: Failure it not falling down, but falling down and refusing to get up and try again! That’s the main reason Satan is there so quickly: when you’ve fallen he wants to keep you down. He doesn’t want you to keep pushing for success. He wants to use you for his foot stool. Remember, Jesus died for a reason! So that we may be saved through him! So that we could repent for our sins and obtain repentance. So many of us sin every day and we don’t even realize that we’re sinning. Take fear for example. Fear is sin. Many Christians allow fear to creep into their every day life and dictate their actions. Fear based actions can be disastrous, just like fear based prayers. You pray in faith, not in fear.

It’s good practice to repent every day for your sins. Even if you think you went the whole day without sinning, take time to repent. Thank Jesus for dying for your sins. Thank God for forgiving you. Now, when you repent, plan to make changes in your life. Start on the pathway to eliminating whatever sin(s) your dealing with. Begin searching for answers. Look in the Bible, ask trusted members of your church. Pray. Do not let Satan keep you from following God’s Word. By repentance and refusing to “stay down”, your keeping God close to you, allowing him to function in all areas your life.

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