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Dear friends,

I have recently accepted the job of creating and maintaining the website for Victory Christian International. As the Lord has called me to work there for this time, I will not be updating until the new year. In 2009 once I have more time to again focus on, I will be dramatically changing the site as a whole, which will include new elements and more content to begin.  If you are new to the site, please take time and look around, there is lots here already! May you have a Merry Christmas, and may the Lord bless you richly as you continue in His will in 2009!

- Tim McMorris

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God desires an intimate relationship with us! He has given us a promise and He is faithful to fulfill His Word. This message reveals the heart of Believe Today Ministries, which is to preach the Gospel of Jesus Christ to the world in boldness, truth and love as Christ commanded. May this message and this website bless you today in Jesus' name!

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"The most important decision of your life!"  Written by: Tim McMorris

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Friends, first and foremost I want to thank you for taking the time to visit us today. We are here for your benefit and truly desire the very best for you in life!

Understand that life is not something that was created to be endured, but enjoyed. Achieving success in our lives can seem impossible at times, but let me assure you there is hope! Today, you may just make the most important decision of your life. I believe that you did not come to this website by chance today, even though it may seem so. If you will open your heart, be patient and read on, I am fully persuaded that you will obtain answers to some question you might be facing in your life and more importantly, come to understand God’s desire to have a relationship with you.

It’s true that achieving victory in life is not always easy; life is an extremely complicated endeavor. Life is no respecter of persons and hardships and difficulties are something that all of us, rich, poor, educated, uneducated, male, female, child and adult will experience. There are many trials and tribulations we will have to deal with in this life. There will be times of joy, and there will be times of sorrow. Life however, even with all of its troubles, can and should be a beautiful experience.

I think it is safe to say that the outcome of our life largely depends upon the decisions that we make. Unfortunately there are also many undesirable situations and circumstances that we have to deal with that we didn’t choose to be a part of. Some of these things happen when we’re children and some of them when we’re adults. Whatever the situation may be however, we cannot allow our future to be shaped by the negative events of our past. This can many times be a difficult task and may sound harsh, but I have not written this because I am insensitive and unsympathetic, I have written this to bring understanding.

We must learn from our mistakes and the mistakes of others as we advance through the years. If we hold onto our past troubles and hurts forever, life will never become the beautiful journey it was intended to be; rather the past will choke out any hope for the future, and we will spend our lives in misery, self pity and failure. From early childhood into adulthood we form many views, opinions and beliefs. As we’ve aged many of us have sought answers to life’s most difficult questions. What is the meaning of life? Where did we come from? Is there life after death? Why do bad things happen to good people?

While these questions are common, the answers can be enormously complicated. Here at Believe Today Ministries we are committed to supplying you with the tools and information you need to make intelligent decisions in life and find the answers to life’s most complex questions.

We are not only here to simply present information however; we are here to present and proclaim the truth, and though the truth may sometimes be difficult to understand, it is only the truth that will deliver us and set us free from our troubles. It is the truth that will lead us to happiness, comfort, safety, joy and most importantly, Salvation.This truth I speak of however is not the product of human wisdom, for man’s knowledge is not even his own. All things in this world have had a beginning. The beginning of knowledge did not begin with man, but with God. Therefore this truth I speak of is from God Himself.

This truth I speak of and offer to you is God’s Word, which is the Bible. The Bible, which was written by the hand of man, but inspired by God, is the ultimate gift to man. It's holy Scriptures were given as the blueprint for life. For a house to be constructed correctly it must have a blueprint for guidance and a foundation to stand upon. Like a house, life must have a solid foundation with accurate instructions to be successful. Our foundation is the Bible and its pages contain our blueprint.

So then, how do we know that the Bible is true? We know the Bible is true because it stands up to scrutiny. When put to the test, the Bible triumphs over and over again. The only way for you to know if the Bible is true however, is to test it for yourself. Allowing our beliefs to be shaped by the opinions of others alone is foolish. All things must be tested. Don’t always believe something simply because you hear it from a trusted source or someone you believe is a reliable person. Even the most intellectual, intelligent and sincere people on this earth can be wrong. Therefore I invite you to test the Bible in your life. I assure you, if you open your heart, take a step of faith and put the Bible to the test, it will not disappoint you.

Now I have heard people say “I have tried the Bible, but the Bible didn’t work.” Unfortunately many times these people do not see clearly because it was the Bible that tried and tested them, but they didn’t work. Many do not give the Bible or God the time to work in them that is needed to see results.  Many are simply looking for a quick fix, however the life of a Christian is a complete over-haul. Human nature is very self-centered. When something doesn’t instantly work in our lives we many times try to throw the blame on anything but ourselves. The ones who do not find the truth either fail to actively and sincerely seek it, are blind to it because of the falsehoods held inside their heart, or openly reject it in spite of its evidences. Again, the truth is here (on earth) to be found, unfortunately I believe the majority of us fail to recognize it when we find it because our hearts have been hardened against it by the deception and treachery of this world.

As it is with many other Christian ministries and churches around the world, it is our calling to spread the good news of Jesus Christ to all who are willing to hear, or in this case read. This we do by faith, love, and obedience to Christ. We are here to help you gain a better understanding of the Bible and its good news so that you may reap its benefits. It is time to stop living with persistent worry, depression, sickness, financial troubles, guilt, anger, shame and any other type of lack. The Bible is not a book of lack it is a book of prosperity. It is our desire for you to enjoy prosperity, and experience God’s love, grace, peace and mercy in your life!

We are here to present you the full truth of God’s Word. Some choose to ignore the great questions in life, but ignoring them is not their solution. There is a reason that the major issues of life are so perplexing; the designer of life wanted His creation to seek Him.As humans we are not perfect, in fact we are heavily flawed. Our minds do not have the capacity to fully understand all things. This is why we must find the one who does, and put our trust in Him. There is only one who understands all things: God, who is revealed in three persons, the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit. He is the author and finisher of life; the beginning and ending of all things. He is truth and in truth rests freedom, "for where the Spirit of the Lord is, there is liberty." (2 Corinthians 3:17)

Of all things, it is truth that we must seek. Are you willing to seek the truth today? Are you ready to make the most important decision of your life? If you seek the truth, you will find it. If you accept the truth, which is God, His spirit, the Spirit of liberty will rest in you and you will be free indeed. 

Article continued on page 2: "Creation"

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